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Four ways animals sense a world invisible to humans

We think we get it all, but there's so much more than meets the eye.

Biologist Edward O. Wilson says that we sense less of the physical world around us than most people would ever know. "We live entirely within a microscopic section of the stimuli that are possible and that flood in on us all the time," he notes. And indeed, when we look at the ways in which various animals use these natural stimuli to navigate and communicate, it's really rather profound. We are surrounded by a whole world of sensations that are completely unknown to us.

Electromagnetic spectrum

We think we see everything - and how could we understand there is more if we can't see it? But as Wilson points out, for example, in the Big Think video, Pheromones and Other Stimuli We Humans Don't Get, we only see the electromagnetic radiation across a remarkably tiny section of the entire spectrum. Fom ultra low frequency radiation to gamma radiation - we only get a sliver of that.

Animals invisible to Humans
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