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Transforming lion killers into Lion Guardians


Transforming lion killers into 'Lion Guardians'

Dr. Leela Hazzah, Co-founder and Executive Director of Lion Guardians, has been selected as a Top 10 CNN Hero of 2014, making her the only wildlife conservationist working in Africa to ever receive this honor.

Lion Guardians is turning once lion killers into lion protectors. By combining science with local knowledge and cultural values, Lion Guardians has been able to nearly eliminate lion killing in the areas it operates since 2007, and it has documented a near tripling of the lion population at its core site in Amboseli, Kenya.

Lion Guardians

Lion Guardians, which has expanded across borders into Tanzania, covers an area almost five times the size of New York City, and is helping local communities save millions of dollars each year by avoiding livestock conflicts with predators.

Lion Guardians

"I know we are making a difference," says Dr. Hazzah. "We never imagined when we first started Lion Guardians that we could transform these killers to the point where they would risk their own lives to stop other people from killing lions, but that is exactly what has happened" she explains.

Sixty years ago, there were probably half a million lions in Africa and today it is estimated that less than 30,000 remain. "I don't think that many people truly understands the urgency of this situation," says Dr. Hazzah.

Dr. Hazzah and the Lion Guardians team hope that recognition as a Top 10 CNN Hero will bring attention to the plight of the lion, and more importantly, to what can be done to help them.

Lion Guardians

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