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Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Few think of Tuscany when they think of visiting Italy, but those that do may find that lesser-visited or out-of-the-way destinations aren't always a ticket to Discount-ville. Tuscany is one of the most expensive regions in Italy, despite the fact that more people visit cities like Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice.

Tuscany's appeal is its history, which stretches back to pre-Roman times. Many of the hotels aren't hotels at all, but ancient villas that have been converted into lavish suites for rich tourists. For those who want to get away from the tourist traps that many other Italian cities have become, Tuscany is a welcome relief-but its price tag isn't much different than Rome or Florence.

Since much of Tuscany is still very rural, the area is gorgeous and famed for its vineyards, but the accommodations can be a bit rough; some of the buildings are just old barns that have been converted, and they still cost around $3,000 or $4,000 a week. Add in a car rental-you'll need one to get around, and plenty of tempting truffle dishes and you're looking at a pricey vacation!

Buon Appetito
Tuscany, Italy - Buon Appetito

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