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Surprise! Another island escape makes the list. Seychelles, like Fiji, is a country composed of not one, but several islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, just south of the main island of Mahe, is the island of Fregate. Fregate is really what lands Seychelles on the list, although the other islands can be expensive to visit as well. Fregate takes "expensive" to a whole new level.

Unsurprisingly, the island is a private resort dotted with 17 lavish villas, all of them constructed out of mahogany and African teak wood, boasting marble floors, ocean views, Jacuzzis, and for anyone too posh for the ocean, infinity pools. The resort has a strong commitment to preserving nature: the jungle is well-protected and the seven beaches on the islands are well-taken care of. You can even adopt a giant tortoise. Activities include windsurfing and guided hiking. Villas must be rented for a minimum of 3 days and rates start around $3,000-or about $1,000 USD a day!

Seychelles Photo (source unknown)

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