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Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands

Contrary to common belief, Fiji isn't just 1 island, but actually a series of 332 islands! Fiji has become renowned as one of the best destinations in the South Pacific and as one of the most exclusive. Not only is the country regarded as a pristine island retreat with a keen sense of preservation of nature, it's renowned for its natural beauty and its remoteness.

On this list, exclusivity and remoteness adds up to a recipe for an overpriced vacation stay. While you might be able to get to the main islands relatively cheaply, many of the smaller islands in the nation are actually privately owned, either by individuals or by resort companies and most of them charge exorbitant amounts. One example is Mantangi Island, a horseshoe-shaped volcanic island that encompasses all of 240 acres. Visit the beach, do some snorkeling and diving and hike through the island rainforest. At the end of a long day, relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi and the lava rock shower. Some would argue that luxury of this sort is a steal, but with rates starting at just over $600 a night, this lavish escape is unlikely to fit many travelers' budgets.

Fiji Islands Culture
These Fijian dancers are happy to celebrate a victory over Tonga in a rugby tournament. Photograph by James L. Stanfield, National Geographic

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