Instagram is a free online program and social network that enables users to take, edit and share photos with other users via Instagram's own platform

Instagram allows members users to upload, edit and share photos with other members through the Instagram website, email, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr.

Instagram's editing features include various digital filters, one-click rotation and optional borders. Photos can be shared on one or several social media sites at once with a single click.

The Instagram app is available for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store, and for Android devices running 2.2 or higher through Google Play. The "Explore" tab of the Instagram app allows members to search for user accounts to follow or find user photos by following hashtags. From the "Home" tab, Instagram users can view photos from accounts they follow in a format similar to that of Facebook's newsfeed. From this view, users are permitted "like" and comment on photos.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. 2008 - xxxx all rights reserved.

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